About Dolev Foundation

Keren Dolev passed away on January 2007. She was barely 27 years old. Keren became ill with cancer of the lymph nodes and struggled for two and a half years for her life.

While she was ill, Keren experienced medical discrimination when told she could not receive a specific medication from her sick-fund that was approved for other types of cancer but not for her specific type.

Keren intended to appeal to the courts to overturn this decision, but unfortunately it was discovered that the medication was not totally effective in treating her illness and therefore the treatment was terminated.

Keren's determination, courage and optimism were a source of inspiration for her family and many friends. Her loved ones decided to commemorate her by establishing an association to fight for medical justice and equality.

"Dolev Foundation for Medical Justice" is a fighting association: It does not engage only in informative activities. The major activity of the association is to fight in the judicial and parliamentary fields to achieve medical justice and equality.

The goals of the association are:

  • To provide consultation and judicial representation free of charge to patients and their families to prevent and correct inequality in medical treatment rights.
  • To promote and create the basic right of medical treatment.
  • To achieve equality in the rights for medical treatment.
  • To broaden the rights for medical treatment.
  • All functions within the association are performed by volunteers who are not compensated financially for their activity.

Thank you,
Dolev Foundation Team